Aug 16, 2021
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Snack on the road – a step by step recipe

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I suggest making sausage and cheese sandwiches. If you want to take them warm with you, wrap them in foil, if cold, then place them completely cooled in a container or wrap them in paper. Such a snack is very convenient, the sandwiches are delicious, both cold and warm. And spend a minimum of time on cooking. In addition, sausage can be replaced with boiled meat, only remove all moisture first. Use greens, spinach, lettuce.

Prepare the ingredients: cut sausage into rings, cheese into slices. Preheat your sandwich maker.

Snack on the road - photo step 2

Place a slice of bread on each half.

Snack on the road - photo step 3

Place 2 slices of sausage on top.

Snack on the road - photo step 4

Next, two slices of cheese for each slice of bread.

Snack on the road - photo step 5

And greens.

Snack on the road - photo step 6

Cover the sandwiches with bread. Close the lid of the sandwich maker tightly and grill for 3 minutes or according to the instructions of your appliance.

Snack on the road - photo step 7

The sandwiches are ready. Take them off.

Snack on the road - photo step 8

Cut into halves. Let the sandwiches cool and wrap them in foil or a container.

Snack on the road - photo step 9

Bon Appetit!

Important! The video may differ from the text version of the recipe!

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