Aug 9, 2021
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Pickled tomatoes with basil – a step by step recipe

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For our recipe, I suggest using small tomatoes, as they say, for one clove. The combination of basil and tomato is delicious and harmonious. A few basil leaves make the marinade delicious. It is better to chill such tomatoes before serving. Be sure to prepare at least one jar of tomatoes for future use, in winter they will well diversify your diet.

Prepare your ingredients.

Pickled tomatoes with basil - photo step 2

Wash and dry the tomatoes. After that, make 2-3 punctures with a toothpick in the place of growth of the stalk.

Pickled tomatoes with basil - photo step 3

Salting spices can be used to taste, often they include a set – mustard beans, coriander, dried garlic, peppercorns, allspice, dried dill. Wash the jar for the preparation thoroughly with baking soda, then rinse well under warm running water. Sterilize the jar and lid in a convenient way – over steam, in the oven or microwave. Place the chili and spices at the bottom of the jar.

Pickled tomatoes with basil - photo step 4

Add basil leaves to the jar and fill the jar with tomatoes.

Pickled tomatoes with basil - photo step 5

Boil clean water on the stove, pour boiling water into a jar, put a lid on the neck and leave for 10 minutes. After a while, pour the water into a saucepan, bring to a boil and return to the jar, again leave it alone for 10 minutes.

Pickled tomatoes with basil - photo step 6

Pour the water back into the pot, add salt and sugar, boil for two minutes and pour in the vinegar.

Pickled tomatoes with basil - photo step 7

Return the marinade to the tomatoes. Roll up the jar tightly with a sterile lid, put upside down. Cover the workpiece with a warm blanket or blanket, leave it alone for 24 hours. After the specified time, transfer the workpiece to the pantry or to any other dark and cool place.

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Pickled tomatoes with basil - photo step 8

Bon Appetit!

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